CHESS GENIUS CLASSIC 7.1 (by Richard Lang and Adrian Millett)

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ChessGenius Classic 7.1 Features

Main Features
Screen display:  Information displayed in standard flexible windows: separate windows for chess board, clock, game moves, search information, opening book. Displays ECO opening key & name for current game. Windows can be arranged as you like. Superb graphics in 2D or 3D. "Virtual reality" 3D board can be re-sized, rotated or tilted at will. Screen colours can be changed.

Engine: Select from a range of different Chess Engines - From Genius 3 up to Genius 7. Unlimited number of levels, separate levels for both players possible. Automatic analysis, analysis of games, databases, EPD files. Parameters such as selective depth of search, value of pieces, Pawn structures, playing style etc can be tweaked for each engine (exact parameters vary engine-to-engine).If you dont like a move, you can ask the engine for the next best move.Each engine has its own window, displaying comprehensive information about each new "best move" it finds - the score in pawns, then main line, depth of search, node count. Displays this line-by-line in a scrollable list-box window.

Database features
: Seamlessly integrates CBF (ChessBase), PGN or EPD database formats. Use Windows style list boxes to save, load, list, edit and search for games. Search databases for game data, particular positions or moves, or combinations of these. Converts and copies databases with optional search filter. Add comments to games with text comments and chess symbols. Full support for game variations, with intuitive variation editing. Automatic analysis of games and databases, optionally adding the analysis as a comment or variation to each move.

Opening/Midgame book: Powerful transposition (hash) based book, with instant lookup. Book editor: add, delete, mark positions with strength., import moves from old Genius books or CBF/PGN databases. Automatic intelligent learning feature - when game lost/won, it will analyze the game to help prevent the same mistake occurring. Unlimited size of opening books. Ability to browse forward/backward through standard list window.

Richard Lang's ChessGenius series of programs have a long history at the top of the computer rating charts - since the early 1980's it has been PC Chess World Champion not less than 10 times. Perhaps the pinnacle of its career came in August 1994 when it shocked the Chess World and became the first program ever to beat a human World Chess Champion (Kasparov) at a non-blitz time level! Genius also knocked GM Nikolic out of the same tournament, achieving an astounding 2795 ELO rating for its performance in that tournament - all on a mere 100 Mhz Pentium PC! This, and other impressive performances demonstrate Genius's real strength - a sound & powerful playing style that can beat Human (and not just other computer) competitors. The fundamental power of Genius's basic playing algorithms are demonstrated by the fact that it outperforms all others at "blitz" levels - ie, even on a shallow search the algorithms play sound chess. This is particularly important when you want to automatically analyse games in databases, since you do not want to spend too long on each move. For these reasons, Genius remains a "classic" favourite with Masters and Correspondence chess players alike - with its own unique and distinctive style of play. Other Chess programmers have long looked to Genius as the "standard" program - indeed it was told that even the Deep Blue team sparred with ChessGenius...

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